Photo etching

Photo etching

What is photo etching?

Our factory boasts a whole set of internationally advanced equipments of photo etching, and a group of professionals with high talents in product design. We believe in continuous product development, quality consciousness, and punctual delivery. These three important missions have gained us excellent reputation in the global market and competitive advantages over other Asian suppliers. We are engaging in etching of various metals and manufacturing of hardware products.


Toy factory, decorative sheet metal, toy electric etching foil, model etching foil, appliance, electronic factory, juicer filter, planer, name plate, rating plate, golden card, silver card, raser, rerminal, foil, Integrated circuit lead frame, Lead Frames, semiconductor industry, Telforn finishing,RF shielding, EMI shielding , custom shields ,Decorative ornaments ,Grills, grids, sieves, and meshes.

Various metalomaments, lighting accessories, metallic precision pattern processing.

Stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, aluminum foil, ferronickel alloy, iron sheet, ,Nickel silver etc.

Capable of shaping varieties of materials with the thickness of 0.03 to 1.2mm such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and iron sheet by etching, half-etching and pattern imprinting without the need of hardware mold manufacturing charge.